Cosmological Models

A collection of non-standard cosmologies and supporting papers.

This is not meant to be a complete list of all proposed cosmologies.

To qualify as an alternative to ΛCDM, a cosmology model should not assume that the redshift of extragalactic objects is the result of a changing radial distance.

“After I had my own alternative gravitational/cosmological theory published I was somewhat puzzled why there was not more of a reaction to it, either positive or negative; since then I have realised that there are so many alternatives, all claiming to be “The Theory” that solves everything, and most of them completely “crackpot”, that it is not surprising that there is such resistance and indifference to new ideas. The way forward is to fully understand the standard models and critically and informatively to ask pertinent questions. Most of the scientific establishment would also agree with this strategy.”

Garth A. Barber - altcosmology forum, 2005-1-18

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