Alternative Cosmology Group

Alternative Cosmology Group

The Alternative Cosmology Group (ACG) was initiated with the Open Letter on Cosmology, written to the scientific community and published in New Scientist on May 22, 2004.  The letter points to the fundamental problems of the Big Bang theory and to the unjustified limited funding to support work outside the Big Bang framework.  The epicyclic character of the theory, piling ad-hoc hypothesis upon hypothesis, its incompleteness, and the appearance of a singularity in the universe’s beginning require consideration of alternatives.  This has become particularly necessary with the increasing number of observations that contradict the theory’s predictions.  Big Bang cosmology has been in a crisis since the early 90’s when the Cold Dark Matter model began to fail.

Fifteen years later, this crisis has worsened despite the addition of dark energy.  Observations fail to show the dramatic differences between the high-redshift and local universe required by the Big Bang theory.  We still find normal galaxies, heavy elements, strings and clusters of galaxies at the further and further shifting outskirts of the observable universe.  The anisotropy of the cosmic background radiation, the existence of very large-scale structures, and the cosmic anisotropy to electromagnetic wave propagation are among many observations that contradict Big Bang expectations.  At the same time, non-Big Bang alternatives have increasingly shown promise to coherently explain the observations and to predict new phenomena.  We believe, therefore, that a shift in effort to these alternatives is essential if the field of cosmology is to advance.

The goals of the ACG are:

  1. To facilitate the communication between scientists whose experimental and/or theoretical research will lead to a better understanding of the universe,
  2. To generate research proposals,
  3. To convene conferences on hot topics in cosmology,
  4. To maintain permanent web site, which will be a beacon of progress in the understanding of the universe.

The ACG is an open society of scientists from all over the world, dedicated to the advance in cosmology and basic research.  Any scientist in agreement with the Open Letter on Cosmology is invited to join.


Updated 2018-2-15