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Empirical observations and methods contributing to our understanding of the universe.

by Authors:

“Fractal dimensions of the galaxy distribution varying by steps?” 2005-04-20
Celerier, M.-N. and Thieberger, R.

“The Lithium Content of the Galactic Halo Stars” 2005-05-12
Charbonnel, C. and Primas, F.

“Fractal Universe – A Pictorial Hypothesis” 2002-09
Hill, Colin

“Big Bang not yet dead but in decline” 1995-09-14
Maddox J., Nature, 377, 1995, p. 99.

“The self-similar Cosmological Model” 2001-02-09
Oldershaw, Robert L.

“The Discovery of Primeval Large-Scale Structures with Forming Clusters at Redshift 6” 2004-12-29
Ouchi M. et al.

“Discovery of Strong Lensing by an Elliptical Galaxy at z=0.0345” 2005-04-21
Smith, R.J. et al.


by Institutions:

“Most Space Telescope Sees ”Tail Wagging Dog” In Star-Exoplanet System” 2005
Canadian Astronomical Society – Université de Montréal

“XMM-Newton sees ‘hot spots’ on neutron stars” 2005-04-25
European Space Agency

“From galaxy collisions to star birth: ISO finds the missing link” 2005-03-29
European Space Agency

“Earliest Massive Cluster Of Known Galaxies Discovered” 2005-03-03
Garching (SPX)

“Red spot on Titan” 2005-05-25
NASA – Cassini

“Bending the Rings” 2005-05-25
NASA – Cassini

“Solar Fireworks Signal New Space Weather Mystery” 2005-05-24

“Cassini Radio Signals Decipher Saturn Ring Structure” 2005-05-23
NASA – Cassini

“Titan’s Atmosphere Revealed by New NASA Observation” 2005-05-13
NASA – Goddard Space Flight Center

“Era of Galaxy and Black Hole Growth Spurt Discovered” 2005-04-06
NASA – Chandra X-ray Observatory

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope Exposes Dusty Galactic Hideouts 2005-03-01
NASA – Jet Propulsion Laboratory

“Precocious black holes challenge theories” 2004-11-27
NASA – Chandra X-ray Observatory

“Hubble’s Deepest View Ever of the Universe Unveils Earliest Galaxies” 2004-03-09
NASA – Hubble; News Release number: STScI-2004-07

“Giant Galaxy String Defies Models Of How Universe Evolved” 2004-01-07
NASA – Goddard Space Flight Center

“Galaxy Clusters Formed Early” 2005-02-16
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan – Subaru Telescope

“Scientists Track Collision of Powerful Stellar Winds” 2005-04-11
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

“Old Star’s “Rebirth” Gives Astronomers Surprises” 2005-04-07
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

“Scientists Watch Black Hole Born in Split-Second Light Flash” 2005-05-11
Penn State University

“First Stars Seen In Distant Galaxies” 2005-04-02
Royal Astronomical Society

“SDSS uses 200,000 quasars to confirm Einstein’s prediction of cosmic magnification” 2005-04-26
Sloan Digital Sky Survey

“Lunar “dark spots” point to an upheaval in planetary orbits long after the formation of the solar system” 2005-06-09
Southwest Research Institute – Boulder

“Shedding Light on Dark Gamma Ray Bursters” 2005-05-10
Universe Today

“Did Iapetus Consume One of Saturn’s Rings?” 2005-05-12
Universe Today

“Near Perfect “Einstein Ring” Discovered” 2005-04-29
Universe Today

“Bigger ‘birthmarks’ in the sky may deflate theory of cosmic inflation” 2005-04-19
University of Alabama, Huntsville

“Fundamental physical constant has not changed in 7 billion years, DEEP2 team reports” 2005-04-19
University of California, Berkeley 2005-04-18

“Clues to planet formation revealed” 2005-05-23
University of Michigan


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